A Brief Guideline to Skating

Skating has become one of the most popular outdoor activities now a days. People around the world feel a keen interest on skate boarding, especially among the young generation. Young stars in recent days have been found skating even on the crow-die lanes. Now, in the following I am going to share some important information with you. If you are looking for trendy skating tips and tricks and intended to learn skating, I hope, it is a masterpiece to meet your queries. Let’s go through the quick tips.

Buying your first Skate Board

When you are going to buy your skate board for the first time, I would like to suggest you to go to a local skate shop where you will find their friendly help choosing your skate board and the parts that will suit for you as a beginner.

There are a number of skate shops where you can choice the best one for you from hundreds of skate boards at a fair price. You can also buy from online as well. But in case of online stores, you will not get someone to help you, so you might be in need of putting all the parts by yourself.

Buying Your Skate Board

I would like to suggest not to buy skate board from a toy store. Tough they are okay basic learning stage but I am sure, you will be regretting for purchasing a skate board from a toy shop.

You can also buy a prebuild complete skate board that are already attached together, I mean ready-made skate board. Prebuild skateboards are cheaper than purchasing all the spear parts separately. It only provides the opportunity to let you choose every single parts by yourself. As a beginner, I think that is not a big deal for you.

While buying your first skate board, make sure you check that all the parts of your skate board are OK. If you are just willing to start skating then I think, picking a prebuild complete is enough but you need to ensure that everything on the skate board is ok, because some prebuild complete skate board has pro looking deck but the trucks and bearings sometimes become bad.

Riding and Turning

  • Pushing

Pushing is the most frequently used word related to skating. It is a way of riding on skate board. It is the primary stage of skate boarding. What you need to do is just set your left foot on skate board and use your right foot to stroke on the ground and obtain speed through pushing the skate board.

Make sure that you always keep pace and connection to your left and right foot. If you can’t keep pace between two legs, you may end up within a split in your first approaches.

Some skaters also prefer to stroke the ground with front foot whereas place the back foot on skate board. This style is called “Pushing Mango”. This particular style is not for the beginners as it takes more time and practice to master over pushing mango. It also takes more time to apply new tricks and get your foot ready for this particular trick. So, as a beginner try to cope up with your foot and skate board first and then push normally to speed up.

  • Turning

Turning is the way of changing direction while skating. You can simply change your direction just leaning to the either side of the skate board to move into that direction. Turning speed depends on the truck you will be skating. The looser the trucks are, the faster it will turn. This is the common logic of skate boarding.

You can also turn your skate board by a second way, which is called ‘kick turn’. Kick turn is pushing a little on the tail of the back foot and thus swing the skate board as per your desired direction. When you are just a beginner, my personal concept is not to try kick turn at the very beginning, as it is a risky process in that sense that when you are going to change direction in this way, the front wheels of your skate board will be in the air and can lead you to an unwanted circumstance.

  • Tic-tac

Tic-Tac is a sequence of a few small kick turns to alternative sides. To be more precise, suppose you made a kick turn on left at first then do the same thing to right and then again on the left and then right. It may look a little bit silly, but tic-tac is the actual way of getting forward just at a low speed.

  • Practice

Now it is time to practice what you have just read. You all may have heard that practice makes a man perfect. It is high time you proved the proverb. 

Go! Grab your Skate Board and follow the points stated above.

Best Winter Sports across the Globe

Winter sports are generally played in winter. Some winter sports are very traditional in the west. Among them snowboarding, sledding, snowmobiling, skating, skiing ice hockey, sledge hockey, snow rugby, snowman building, broom ball, curling, bandy, snow biking, ice climbing etc. are the most popular sports.

Now, here in this article I am going to inform you some most popular winter sports those are really amazing and I am sure you are going to try these in this vacation. Let’s go through the world’s most popular water sports.


Snowboarding is an Olympic sport. It needs a snowboard which is adjoined to the feet of a rider. The rider tries to alight from higher platforms covered with snow. It has its own style and technique to play. It has many variety like alpine snowboarding, slope-style, free-riding etc.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the most popular sports in the west. Ice skating means moving and running on ice with ice skates. It is played both in indoor and outdoor on prepared surface of ice or on natural surface of ice such as frozen river, ponds etc. Experience and skill is a must for ice skating.


Skiing is another popular winter sport. It is usually a competitive sport. A rider or a participant glides on the snow using skis attached to the feet. There are varieties of skiing like alpine, nordic, telemark, freestyle etc. Skiing is very popular and every year it is played internationally.


Sledding is played by carrying out a seated position on wheeler or non-wheeler hacker. This is called sledge. It is played in the areas covered with lots of snow. Sledding has varieties like modern sledding, back-country sledding etc.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a game played in teams. It is played on ice surface between two teams with hockey sticks.  It is also a very popular winter sport.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing means climbing on ice formations with protection. Formations that are covered with snow such as waterfalls, ice-falls, rocks are used for ice climbing.


Bandy is similar to ice hockey. It is a team sport where players try to reach the ball into the opponent’s goal bar with a stick.

There are a lot of winter sports across the world which are enjoyable as well as dangerous. Everyone should be properly protected before starting playing these games. These games are so funny and enjoyable so every year people wait for winter so that they can play these games.