Best Tips for Choosing Travel Shoes

If you go for a long trip or even around the world, it will be necessary to choose good walking shoes. Remember that your feet will have to carry you all day!

Choose hiking shoes

On traveling, we walk greatly and visits may sometimes resemble real hiking. Therefore, it will be necessary to bring good walking shoes to avoid fatigue and potential problems in your feet and ankles. Furthermore, if the urge takes you to treks, you’ll be so well equipped! Here are important points to consider when choosing your walking shoes:

Shoes high or low? If you used to walk regularly in rugged terrain, then you can opt for low, light and easy to put on shoes. If you do not have the habit of venturing in rugged places, I advise to choose high shoes, which will properly maintain your ankles and you will avoid potential sprains.

Comfort and shock absorption: Your shoes should be light and comfortable while being robust. The choice of size is critical. At the very first fitting is so very important. Do not think that the shoes will fit automatically, it must be comfortable for you from the beginning.

Easy lacing and reflects: Ideally, the lacing should be easy to carry out and for a good fit of the shoelaces must be as close as possible to your toes. It is essential to hold the laces properly.

Good grip on the ground: If your shoes have large notches at the sole, you will have the better adhesion to the ground level. Very handy when the ground is rocky or muddy. This is a great tip for the GR20 for example, it is necessary that your walking shoes hold well the road (like good tires).

Waterproof and breathable: Good walking shoes must protect your feet against a maximum moisture (and thus you avoid from possible mycosis and whatnot). Some shoes are also ‘breathable’, a very important function for not to suffocate your feet.

A modern look: last point but which is important for most, I think so. It is normal to want to have some nice shoes. Any outward sign of wealth is discouraged when you travel.


Trail shoes

Trail shoes could also be suitable for travel. You should know that the trail is simply a foot race that takes place in Nature. These shoes are perfectly adapted to the difficult paths: mountain, forest, etc. Moreover, they are very light, very comfortable to wear while traveling. They will also dry more quickly than conventional hiking shoes!

Walking sandals for travel

If you go in a hot country, you can also bring walking sandals. They will be very useful in urban areas. You can walk for hours without damaging your feet because the sole is usually padded, leaving breathe feet. In addition, these walking sandals are much more resistant than conventional sandals.

Shoes accessories

Good socks: Finally, know that a good pair of shoes is useless if you do not have good socks, although clean and dry! It should ideally stockings and fine cotton socks to fight against perspiration. Above all, do not put wet or dirty socks.