10 things you need to remember when going on Hiking

Hey, so you are ready to go on hiking next week. I am sure you will have lots of fun and mesmerizing experience going on hiking. But there are some important issues that you need to know before you set out for hiking.

10 ten tip when hiking

Today, I am going to present you some elementary tips and they are effective as well to keep you safe and secure all the way. Let’s go through the things you need to do when going on a hiking.

  1. Safety should be your first and foremost concern. No doubt, we all love ultra-lite but in case of safety measures, we should not do everything we like. So before starting out, make sure you have the gear that you may need in sudden wet weather.
  2. While you are shopping for you hiking, give preference on comfort. Try to have all your necessary items which will be comfortable for all weather. Avoid heavy and unnecessary.
  3. Try to sleep with your feet on the top of your backpack, it will elevate them. As you will be walking all day long, sleeping on your backpack you can release the pain and thus you can keep on going.
  4. In case of unwanted rough weather, try to cope up with the situation and eat properly, otherwise you may feel extremely cold. Try to have nutrient foods on bad weather to adjust yourself with the unavoidable circumstances.
  5. If you fall victim to extreme cold weather and become unable to light up your alcohol stove, then light up a paper and hold it in connection to the fuel source of your stove. I am sure it will heat up and ignite the fuel.
  6. Try to avoid camping near the water body, though most people usually do so to find out easy source of feeding and water. But the truth is, during night the air become full of moisture and may cause heavy dew fall on your trap, tent or sleeping bag and you may feel uncomfortable in that extremely cold situation.
  7. If once you need to fill up water bottle in extremely cold weather, fill it up to ¾ so that it can move throughout, you can also check it after a certain interval to prevent freezing.  
  8. Check your map and local time almost in every hour to make sure you where you’re and what is the time there. It is really a helpful tips to avoid losing your way.
  9. Avoid over packing even if the weather is too cold. Because, when you’re hiking or doing something actively, you will not need them rather you will be sweating as your body will warm up.
  10. If you are hiking during the winter, you may have to go through freezing temperature, so make sure you have an extra bag where you can keep your frequently necessary items to avoid opening your backpack all the time.

Last of all, be careful and double check all your necessary items before starting out. Do not ignore even a simple issue that may lead you to danger.