7 Reasons You Should Travel Before Marriage

If you have questions about when the best time for traveling, the best answer is whenever we are still at the age of 20 years. In this age, we still have time to adventure. In the 20’s we usually still holds the status as a student. Or if they are already working, needs to be met is also not too complex.

Above all, in this age range is usually still a lot of people whose status is single alias unmarried. Single status is the status of the most ideal for traveling because “regulation” is not too complicated.

Reasons You Should Travel Before Marriage

Someone who has been married, of course, different from those who are still single. There are many responsibilities that must be met if we already have a marriage. Whether it’s a social responsibility or family responsibilities

So, before deciding to get married, should often be traveling. Here is why:

  1. Still have a lot of free time and specify the destination

While still unmarried or single, we still have plenty of time to do many things without having to go through the “regulation“. You can go anywhere as long as there is no problem. Another side, those who are already married, might have some problem to do this. However, the marriage bond requires one to permission in advance to mate before going or doing certain activities.

In contrast to single people. If you want to go to a certain place, we need merely say to parents (which we often do when you’re at the destination).

  1. To get more friends

When we’re traveling, especially if you do it alone, we will find new friends from different regions and backgrounds. Even some people are lucky to find a life partner while doing a trip.

Have a lot of friends is something that is extremely enjoyable. In addition to exchange stories, they also will make our lives easier and colorful. Do not close the possibility that one of the friends who met on the trip will be a guide when we travel on vacation to their home country or region at a later time.

travel before marriage

  1. Collect more stories for posterity

Time can never be stopped. A person’s age will continue to grow and there is a time we will all grow old, through the day with the children and grandchildren. Although it is still a long time, it never hurts to prepare everything from now. One of them is frequently traveling.

Someone who is often traveling as a young man would have more material to tell the children and grandchildren when he/she become old in later.

  1. There are a lot of responsibilities

A person who decides to get married should be ready with everything. Our responsibility is to increase after deciding to get married.

People who are unmarried have relatively fewer responsibilities than those who are married. Responsibility someone who is not married is usually only the responsibility of the job / college, as well as the responsibility of the organization if we include people who love freedom.

  1. Because there are many needs that must be met

Someone who is married of course more complex than those who are still single. Especially for men. Needs are usually only for themselves to be shared together. The cost of living which is usually only for one person will be increased into two.

Not to mention if you already have children, you will become diverse day by day. So, while not many needs that must be met, first fill the needs of our souls by way of adventure and experience as much as possible.

  1. Partner of life who love traveling

It is very pleasant when we have a partner who is equally fond of traveling. Then the traveling will become more fun and romantic, however, we would also know that dating is in God’s hands.

  1. No need permission in law

Last but not least. Someone who has just married usually still has to consent to the law if they want to invite a partner to go on vacation. Although in fact, our spouse has become our right.

Most likely the law will still be allowed because they also know that their children now belong to the law. So, as point one. People who are still single just need to say to parents if they want to go on holiday.

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