5 Most Popular Water Sports

Are you looking for a vacation with full of thrill and excitement? If so, then it is definitely water sports you are looking for. There are different kind of water sports in several parts of in the world. Here is a short list specially the most popular, thrilling, and exciting of them.

No 1. Kite-surfing

kite surfing sport

Kite-surfing, a dangerous and thrilling water sport, is considered most enjoyable water sport. Basically it is a combo of surfing, wake-boarding, gymnastics and paragliding. Kite-surfing is not so easy and only experts are able to do this properly. Essaouira, Morocco is considered one of the best places for best kite-surfing and windsurfing experience.

No 2. Windsurfing

Windsurfing, another popular water sport, provides limitless fun, thrill and excitement. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy the sport because windsurfing is simply suitable for everyone who wants. Spain is the best among all countries popular for windsurfing.

No 3. Coasteering

Coastreering is another extreme thrilling water sport where you simply experience sea traveling, rock climbing, swimming and jumping into sea caves.


No 4. Stand-up paddle surfing

Stand-up paddle surfing is another exciting game. It involves a standing at the top, a long surfboard paddling with paddle. You need to be professional to enjoy stand-up paddle surfing as it requires a high level of skills and expertise.

No 5. Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat

Dragon boat is also another popular water sport, especially in China. It is such a watercraft that depends entirely on the strength and power of the rowers. Traditionally Dragon Boat is organized in the Pearl River which is situated in the Delta region in China. It is a traditional and famous paddled long boat mainly found in Asia, The Pacific Island and somewhere in Africa. A number of lightweight wood used to make this watercraft to make the boat easy to sail as this is a competitive water sport.

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