How To Select The Right Backpacking Stove

There are 3 basic factors to consider when choosing the right backpacking stove. In terms of choosing backpacking stove, we will consider somethings. These are: which one is easy to bring, consider the size, portability, fuel to be used, and design.

Camping is not complete without food because you have to eat foods for walking and some situation will come where you can get any foods though you have money to buy. That’s why you have to take some foods from your home. But these foods should be always fresh and to make the food hot and fresh, you need a stove perfect for carrying long backpacking experience. Here are some guidelines to consider when choosing the best backpacking stove review 2016 to bring.

The size and portability

Before choosing the desired backpacking stove, think about what type of tour you are going to planning. Try to estimate where it will be most likely you cook your food and for how many people you will be cooking for. Also, note the difficulty level of the dishes to be prepared. Backpacking stoves are available in various sizes suitable for a variety of occasions from mild to burner stove multi-platform. If you are going on a trip achieved, better bring a compact and easy to carry the stove. For a short backpacking trips, you can consider bringing a bigger stove. For comfort during the entire journey choosing a stove that is easy to store and can be disconnected from the fuel supply. Also, consider those that require assembly or folded for easy storage in the vehicle and when hiking.

Fuel used

You have to care about the fuel use. The focus is also on the different fuels used to backpacking stove. Propane and Butane gas is clean-burning and easily ignited. The resulting fire can be adjusted easily, but it is more expensive than other fuel types. Kerosene is cheaper and easier to find than Gas propane. It produces a higher temperature output, but it emits the smell of gas which can affect the taste and smell of your dish. White gas is another fuel that burns easily, it was clean and spilled fuel evaporates quickly. That effect for all weather conditions, but it is not always easily available, unlike kerosene and propane. Denatured alcohol is a renewable fuel source that has a low volatility. It burns quietly and continued but has a minimal production of heat and cooking time to make longer requires more fuel. Very friendly environment but is not recommended when cooking for a lot.

Must see the design

For convenience, also choose the design that is most convenient for you. Once you have decided on the size and type of fuel to be used considering the features of the stove. Considering the difficulties that set-up. Check the durability of the design can withstand what types of locations. Pay attention to the buttons and switches, are they easy to use or cannot be easily broken. Select also the ones that are easy to clean and has a basic procedure that you can do yourself. On a camping trip, always go for efficiency and practicality in choosing what to bring. With it, you can avoid small problems while enjoying the camping experience.

Now we will discuss about some portable stove

The portable stove can be used for your outdoor activity in the wild for wind resistance. Portable stove is very suitable for hiking, camping, backpackers, touring and the boarding house (boil the noodles/boil water for coffee and others). These are user-friendly, secure, lightweight, and versatile and use gas can. Gas cans easy for hi cook and you can buy at retail stores.

If you are a hobby of camping/hiking, one of the problem is food which have already told. But don’t worry, these portable stoves which will be discussed on the next must help you to cook when camping, hiking and boarding house and others. These are as cheap as simple to use.

Some of the Best Canister-Fuel Backpacking Stoves:

  1. MSR Pocket Rocket

MSR Pocket Rocket

Best for: Low budget and ultralight backpacking. Read more ultralight backpacking stoves 

Weight: 3.25 oz.

Best features: It is very light and can be packed into almost any bag. It takes some times to boil of water rather than other stoves.

Price ~ $11

  1. Snow Peak LiteMax

Snow Peak LiteMax

Best for: Ultralighters who admire the highest great apparatus.

Weight: 1.9 oz.

Best features: Lightweight compare to Pocket Rocket.

Price ~ $60

  1. MSR WindBurner

MSR WindBurner

Best for: 1-2 backpackers for boiling water as well as cooking some meals.

Weight: 15.25 oz. including the whole kit.

Best features: It is fully integrated system with having cold and windy weather performance.

Price ~ $130

  1. Jetboil Flash

Jetboil Flash

Best for: 1-2 backpackers for boiling water and summer backpacking.

Weight: 14 oz. with including the whole kit.

Best features: It has a built igniter and also it has less price rather than Windburner.


  1. MSR WindPro II

MSR WindPro II

Best for: Great cooking of real meals.

Weight: 6.6 oz.

Best features: Having good temperature control system and light weight.

Price ~ $100

  1. MSR Reactor

Best for: Boiling water at the high elevations as well in cold temp.

Weight: 14.7 oz.  

Best features: It is a powerful burner and built to handle extreme alpine conditions.

Price: Starting from $190

Some of the Best Liquid-Fuel Backpacking Stoves:

  1. MSR DragonFly

Best for: Camping on US or abroad.

Weight: 14 oz.   

Best features: It has multi-fuel system and stable base. It makes some noise when it work.

Price ~ $140

  1. MSR WhisperLite Universal

MSR WhisperLite Universal

Best for: All kinds of traveler.

Weight: 11.5 oz.

Best features: Light weight and have multi-fuel compatibility. The stove is easy to use.

Price ~ $140


Best for: High alpine conditions.

Weight: 13.2 oz.

Best features: It takes less time for cooking. It has extra-large feet for stability in bad situation.

Price ~ $16

Some other Fuel Backpacking Stoves:

  1. BioLite CampStove

BioLite CampStove

Best for: The Luxury camping or car camping.

Weight: 33 oz.

Best features: It has not any fuel bottle.

Price ~ $130

  1. Esbit Pocket Stove

Esbit Pocket Stove

Best for: Normal backpacking

Weight: 3.25 oz.

Best features: its price is low.

Price ~ $11

The Famous Tourist Attraction In Da Nang City

Tourist come to different places in the world to witness the beauty of nature and so with the beautiful architectural designs of the people from the past and the present years. These are the two main reasons why people are eager to come and visit a particular place. Some of them are too curious and would like to know how it feels like stepping on those beautiful spots because for them, it is a great achievement to reach those tourist attractions.

Among the Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is one of the most visited countries. This is not a surprise because everybody knows that Vietnam is rich in natural resources and Vietnam is rich in tourist attractions and once you come to Vietnam, you will tell yourself that you must not fail to come and check what’s with this place. One of the most visited places in the center part of Vietnam is Da Nang City.

Danang city tour

There are so many attractions in Da Nang City that every tourist must see. These attractions come in a variety of natural attractions and man-made attractions. When it comes to natural attractions, you will find beaches, rivers and mountains. You will also find pagodas, cathedrals and parks. They sound so simple, but as soon as you come and see the place, you will know the difference with other places. Here, you will get to know Da Nang City and its beauty. Choose a Da Nang tour with Viet Fun Travel service

Ba Na Mountain

Bana hill

Another tourist attraction that you will be amazed about, is called, Ba Na Mountain Resort. It is located 50km from Da Nang City going western part. The 1,487 meters high mountain is considered as one of the treasures of Vietnam. This is a good spot for those who enjoys mountain hiking and before you reach the top of the mountain, you will have to go through a 15km zigzag road. But, now a cable car is already available for those who would like to visit the Ba Na Mountain and enjoy the scenery from the top. You will also find here around 256 species of animals in the jungle and about 543 species of plants.

Marble Mountains

Marble-mountainOne of the famous tourist attractions of Da Nang City is the Marble Mountains, which is 9km south of the Da Nang City. You may come to this place by taxi or a motorbike-taxi. This place is good for everybody. You may bring your family, friends or loved ones. It is called, Marble Mountains because it is a group of mountains composed of five marble and limestone mountains. You will also find caves and tunnels on this mountain. Continue reading

Different Features of Latest Air Fryer

Deep fat air fryers, or deep air fryers, are appliances which were usually used in business kitchens as means of frying huge amounts of food in order to cater for lots of people in a comparatively small interval of time. Their ease of use lead to a trend of electrical goods maker producing scaled down versions for employ in domestic households, and the capability to cook food through whilst leaving a golden crispy finish by means of one of these fryers has proved to be very admired.

what is air fryer

They are powered either electrically or by gas even though the electric models are more fashionable as they are denser and as a result more mobile. They also keep hold of heat better than their gas powered complement. Domestic kitchen models are generally electric. A gas powered fryer will heat up earlier than an electric fryer and have the capability to cook at higher temperatures whilst being less pricey to run. Business air fryers are more likely to be gas powered and frequently built into the kitchen or are free standing units.

The typical design entails a basket to hold the food which is lowered into a pot of heated oil. When the food is suitably cooked the basket is then lifted clear of the oil, for it to drain, previous to the food is ready for service. Lots of of the newer domestic models come with a plethora of handy features to make the cooking experience easier and safer. These include timers to set cooking periods; automated lifting and lowering controls to increase the basket from the oil; oil filters to extend the life span of the oil, temperature controls to regulate cooking speed and crispness, odor filters and alarm systems.

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The newer models are often fitted with a ‘cool zone’ which sits at the bottom of the fry bowl. It is a feature which prevents food particles which fall to the bottom of the bowl from burning. This in turn prevents the oil from being effected by impurities extending its use life. In addition the oil filtration systems, which either comes encased in the unit or as a separate appliance, can extend the usable life of the oil by almost double.

The temperature control settings on the newer models permit you track the temperature of the oil to make sure that it stays within say 10C of your selected cooking temperature by means of a thermostat. This not only makes sure that your food is cooked as you wish, but also saves on energy consumption. The secondary function of the thermostat is frequently to engage an automatic power switch to shut the fryer down in the event that oil temperatures reach unsafe levels.

air fryer recipes

In terms of security, a deep fat fryer, if used the wrong way or not carefully poses a serious fire hazard. Users should make sure that they have read and understood the instructions of use clearly previous to using and should also make sure that they have to hand the relevant fire extinguishing equipment to deal with related problems with the unit.

In recent years a better kind of fryer has emerged using considerably less oil than traditional deep fryers. Instead they use a hot air and automatic movement system to cook the food. It is claimed that up to 100 times less oil is desirable by some of these types of fryer.

Fryers are not just limited to cooking fish, chips and doughnuts. If used cautiously, a fryer can also be used to cook fruit fritters, samosas and tempura.

Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Samsung RFG237AARS 23 cu. ft. Counter Depth Refrigerator Review

Wise technological innovations have indeed improved the everyday living of humans. A perfect example of how innovation can transform one’s life is the Samsung RFG237AARS 23 cu. ft. Counter Depth Refrigerator. This fridge is the perfect combination of clean style and function; it has an external water and ice dispenser, is ENERGY STAR® compliant, and makes use of energy-efficient LED lighting.


The first thing that most customers notice about this fridge is its well-polished French door design that will definitely complement any modern kitchen. This refrigerator comes in three colors – black, stainless steel, and white. This product boasts of several features such as the following: a) Twin Cooling System® – keeps fruits and veggies fresh for a longer period of time, b) External digital display and control feature – shows when to change the filter, displays the temperature inside the fridge and lets the user control the ice and water dispenser, and c) CoolSelect Pantry™ Drawer – an extra compartment that provides space for food and beverages with special storage requirements.

What others think about the Counter Depth Refrigerator

Consumer reviews about the Samsung RFG237AARS 23 cu. ft. Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator reveal that clients are highly satisfied with this appliance. Most say that the design of the refrigerator itself is satisfactory. There are a lot of consumers who are very happy about this fridge’s adjustable shelves for easy storage. Others are surprised that this appliance comes with a low price but is loaded with a lot of features. On the other hand, not everybody is satisfied with the design of this refrigerator. A few people claim that the fridge is too tall to fit snugly in rather small kitchen cabinets. Others claim that it doesn’t make enough ice during summer.

It is obvious that the design of the Samsung RFG237AARS 23 cu. ft. Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator is its strongest feature while its rather very tall length (making it difficult to move around and mount in small spaces) is its greatest drawback. Nevertheless, this refrigerator still deserves a recommendation. It’s perfect for spacious modern kitchens because of its design. Homeowners who have small kitchen cabinets can just have it remodeled to a size that can accommodate the said appliance. The features of this refrigerator are outstanding, especially the Twin Cooling System feature that allows foodstuffs to last longer and the CoolSelect Pantry™ Drawer feature that provides an additional compartment for extra food storage. Samsung is also selling this model in a very reasonable price.

The Samsung RFG237AARS 23 cu. ft. Counter Depth Refrigerator Video for Review

Where to Buy this Counter Depth Refrigerator

The best place to buy the Samsung RFG237AARS 23 cu. ft. Counter Depth Refrigerator is on Amazon as they once again offer the best price.

Tips for Selecting The Best Camping Site

Most of those who love nature always, prefer camping as a recreational activity. It is fun and relaxing. Camping generally means that people leave the places that are considered developed to more remote areas or natural areas in search of enjoyment, by getting involved in outdoor activities. To be differentiated from day trips or picnics, camping has to take a minimum of one day. The kinds of shelters you will find in camping sites include tents, caravans or motor homes. Having a great camping experience depends a lot on the campsite and here are some tips for selecting the best campsite.

select best camp site

Begin from home

You don’t just wake up and get a good campsite for your trip. Just like any holiday, you need to make adequate plans in order to get the best camping site. Have in mind that good campsites are found, meaning you have to look for them. Campsites are not made.  The process of finding a good campsite begins from home, right when planning for a trip. You will need to:-

  • Get information – assuming that you already have an area you intend to go to for camping, you will need to make calls to the land management agencies to find out more about camping regulations as well as permit requirements. This is important as you don’t want to be brushing shoulders with the law enforcement agencies.
  • Most areas have established campsites and you need to find out in advance if they are available or not. Established sites may not be available, but this does not mean you postpone your trip, you can still choose a different site for yourself and the team you are going camping with.
  • Consider the number of people you are going with, not all camping sites can accommodate a large group.

Camping is an opportunity to relax

Camping is a recreational activity that involves outdoor activities and it is an opportunity to relax and have lots of fun. This means that you need to select a camping site that enables you and your team to achieve maximum relaxation. Go for

  • Scenic views – waterfalls, beautiful landscape and trees are just a few of the things you should look for. Scenic views are beautiful and more relaxing.
  • You need to choose a site that is out of the views of other campers. This is important to avoid distractions and also to give other campers their privacy.
  • Your health is important and you need to avoid areas that are heavy with insects or mosquitoes.

Is the campsite safe?

Safety is not something you can take lightly. Before deciding on a campsite, you need to find out if it is safe or not. This is the only way that you will ensure that you have a great camping experience. There are so many things to consider, from snakes, landslides to poison ivy. Since campsites are in remote areas, you will need to

  • Avoid snake infested areas, mostly in rocky terrains. Snakes are very poisonous and a snake bite may turn your adventurous camping trip into an emergency.
  • Areas that are well known for landslides and avalanches can be extremely dangerous and need to be avoided.
  • Avoid camping in areas that have fallen rocks. This too is very dangerous
  •  Fallen trees that are leaning on other trees are not safe; by camping under such trees you are putting your life and the life of other campers at risk.

Having a great camping experience, depends a lot on the kind of camping site that has been chosen. A good camping site that has good scenic views, safe and large enough to contain the entire team is definitely going to result in a great experience. If a camping site is not good, then your camping trip is doomed. No one wants to relax in areas filled with mosquitoes and with nothing beautiful to look at. For a great camping experience, you need to find a place where you are more relaxed a place where you are not worried about falling rocks or even poisonous oak.  To select a perfect campsite one needs to take a lot of time doing background research of the available camping sites before settling on one.

Guide To Choosing Your Travel Destination

With all the beautiful places in the world, ranging from game reserves, bird watching sites, skiing sites to the beaches, it can be very challenging to choose your travel destination. Even limiting the sites to visit, does not make this job of choosing a destination site easier.  The convincing ways that hotels and even travel companies use to market tourist destination even complicates the process more. If you limit yourself to choosing only destinations with beaches or bird watching, you will still have a long list to choose from. To choose a great travel destination, there are a number of factors you will need to consider to make the whole process much simpler.

Your trip duration

The number of days, weeks or even months that you need to take for vacation has a lot of influence in the travel destination that you choose. If you have a long holiday then you have more choices, you may even decide to fly to different destinations to make your trip more adventurous.  A short duration like just a few days does not allow you to choose travel destinations that are miles away.  You don’t want to spend half of your vacation on board.

Means to be used

Flying,  cruising in a ship, or driving are among the choices that you have when considering the means that you would use to get to your travel destination.  If your greatest fear is flying then your choices are limited to areas near your place unless you decide to use a ship. The means of transport that you choose also depends on the time you have for a vacation, whether you want to make several stop over’s at various destinations or get to your destination quickly.


Safety is an important factor to consider when choosing a travel destination, especially because you do not want your vacation turning into a disaster.  The world has numerous places to visit but not all the places are safe. There are places that the army would consider operational areas, meaning there are war areas majorly because of political instability. There are also places where certain nationalities are discriminated based on a number of reasons like religion. For this reasons it is always important to check travel advisories before choosing your travel destination.

Activities during the trip

Before choosing a travel destination, you will need to make a list of the activities you intend to have during your trip. This is important because, you can use the activities as a guide. You need to choose a destination that allows you to accomplish all the activities you have planned for. If you intend to spend most of your vacation days in the beaches, and making trips to game reserves, then you will have to choose a country that has both good beaches and game reserves.


Money, money and money, whether it is in dollars, Euros or pounds, this is what makes it possible for you to get to the travel destinations of your choice. How much are you willing to spend for a trip? Your budget has a lot of impact on the travel destination that you decide to choose. You will need to consider the cost of meals, accommodation, transportation and other fees that may be incurred during the trip. You need to decide on travel destinations that offer you the best opportunities for adventure, and are also within your budget.

Who you are travelling with

Family vacations are very different from romantic getaways.  Who you are traveling with influences the travel destination that you choose. If you are taking a family vacation, you will need to consider the needs and interests of each member of the family that you are travelling with. Travelling with kids and only considering your interests means a pathetic holiday for the kids.  You need to choose travel destinations that are great for the kids, you and spouse if there is any.

A holiday is a great opportunity to relax, unwind and break away from your daily routines. It is a chance to visit new places, meet new people and get involved in interesting activities or sports. By considering all these factors, you are assured of a superb vacation.